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We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

Every business begins with a dream and passion.

It all started when a group of Pandaworks software engineers came out with an idea.
“Every small business begins with a dream and a passion to succeed. So we came up with a software for small business. You know, those passionate businesses owner! Give them the benefits they needed, and leave out the stuff they don’t, and engineer it so that it works just for them. We make it affordable, so they only pay for what they use! Imagine being able to operate the software on the ‘Cloud’and it can be use anywhere, even on the other side of their world, and access their information 24/7 and need not be in the office all the time. With the extra time, they get the freedom that independents love!”

It all began with a vision…

Pandaworks started in 2012, began its journey by providing customized business software solutions.

In 2013, Pandaworks began its first steps into the cinema industry by securing an job offer from an independent cinema, we developed the first cinema product. That was a success and opened doors for many more cinema deals in Malaysia. Now we are serving 6 Cinemas in different states.

In 2014, we started to developed the first human resource product. The result was ground-breaking technology and we’ve been innovating and growing ever since. Now our Human Resource Management System software is now serving for companies up to thousands employees.